working alongside your studies in Germany

  • 08.06.2023

Documentation of the event from 07.06.2023

In particular international students want or have to work besides their studies in Germany: both for a financial basis and for practical experiences to find a job after graduating. There is a lot to consider, especially regarding to the actual coronavirus crisis.

The online lecture focused on social security contributions, labour law and taxes. We answered the following questions: Who is allowed to work? How long are international students allowed to work? What about an internship? Whom to contact with issues?
Furthermore we talked about relevant laws and arrangements that have been passed in the course of the corona crisis. As well we gave a review about further possibilities for your funding of studies.
This lecture was primarily addressed to Non-EU students which obtain a residence permit for the purpose of study ("Aufenthaltserlaubnis nach § 16 AufenthG zum Zwecke des Studiums").

Presentation of the event